Suchergebnis für Trainer: Liam Browne

DatumRennenPlatzPferdAlterGewicht JockeyTrainerOrtLand KategorieDistanz
26.12. 2001Denny Juvenile Hurdle10Crusset (IRE)367.5tK.A. KellyLiam BrowneLeopardstownIRENational HuntGrade 23200m / 2m
01.05. 2000Victory Note E.B.F. Mooresbridge Stakes3Wray (IRE)856.0Kevin J. ManningLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 32000m / 1m2f
28.12. 1997Woodies D.I.Y. Christmas Hurdle1Nocksky (IRE)466.5Stephen CraineLiam BrowneLeopardstownIRENational HuntGrade 14800m / 3m
18.10. 1997Juddmonte Beresford Stakes5Catch The Dragon (IRE)256.0Pat ShanahanLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
25.04. 1996Murphys Irish Stout Champion 4Yo Hurdle12Wray (IRE)470.0J. ShorttLiam BrownePunchestownIRENational HuntGrade 13200m / 2m
15.10. 1994Juddmonte Beresford Stakes4Elegant Victor (USA)256.0Skl.Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
17.09. 1994National Stakes4Elegant Victor (USA)257.0Skl. (1)J.J. BehanLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
27.08. 1994Futurity Stakes8Elegant Victor (USA)255.5Christy RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
25.06. 1994Independent Pretty Polly Stakes8Fairy Water (GB)354.5Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
23.10. 1993J.R.A. E.B.F. Killavullan Stakes8Cossack Princess (IRE)254.0J.J. BehanLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
23.10. 1993J.R.A. E.B.F. Killavullan Stakes6Fairy Water (GB)254.0William J. SuppleLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
23.10. 1993J.R.A. E.B.F. Killavullan Stakes4Newport Madam (IRE)254.0John EganLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
09.10. 1993Juddmonte EBF Beresford Stakes8Sharp Try (IRE)256.0Richard HughesLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
27.06. 1993John Roarty Mem. E.B.F Railway Stks5Marvin's Faith (IRE)255.5Pat EdderyLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
15.06. 1993Coventry Stakes4Sharp Phase (IRE)256.5J.J. BehanLiam BrowneAscotGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
13.09. 1992Meadow Meats Killavullan EBF Stakes4Lady Ounavarra (IRE)254.0Michael RobertsLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
05.09. 1992Moyglare Stud Stakes8Babushka (IRE)256.0Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
12.03. 1992Daily Express Triumph Hurdle23Irish Peace (IRE)470.0Mark FlynnLiam BrowneCheltenhamGBNational HuntGrade 13400m / 2m1f
14.09. 1991Meadow Meats Killavullan E.B.F. (2 Y O F) Stakes9Pechina (IRE)254.0Skl. (1)Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
20.10. 1990EBF Blandford Stakes8Annie Laurie (GB)352.5A. RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 22000m / 1m2f
22.09. 1990Jefferson Smurfit Memorial Irish St. Leger9Annie Laurie (GB)355.0Christy RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12800m / 1m6f
14.07. 1990Kildangan Stud Irish Oaks10Annie Laurie (GB)357.0Christy RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
01.07. 1990Budweiser Irish Derby7Emperor Chang (USA)357.0Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
01.07. 1990John Roarty Memorial E.B.F. Railway Stakes6Righteous Ruler (IRE)255.5Pat EdderyLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
26.05. 1990Goffs Irish 1,000 Guineas10Annie Laurie (GB)357.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
12.05. 1990Derrinstown Stud E.B.F. Derby Trial Stakes8Arowvale (GB)356.0Skl. (1)Pat ShanahanLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 22000m / 1m2f
13.03. 1990Waterford Crystal Stayers' Hurdle Championship Race2Naevog (GB)772.0Tom J. TaaffeLiam BrowneCheltenhamGBNational HuntGrade 14800m / 3m
21.10. 1989Juddmonte EBF Beresford Stakes10Emperor Chang (USA)256.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
21.10. 1989Juddmonte EBF Beresford Stakes4Annie Laurie (GB)254.5A. RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
23.09. 1989Panasonic Smurfit EBF Futurity Stakes6Close The Till (GB)254.0John ReidLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
23.09. 1989Panasonic Smurfit EBF Futurity Stakes2Annie Laurie (GB)254.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
16.09. 1989Hennessy Xo EBF Killavullan (2 Y O F) Stakes5Close The Till (GB)254.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
10.09. 1989Moyglare Stud Stakes4Tenderetta (GB)256.0Michael J. KinaneLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
10.09. 1989Moyglare Stud Stakes3Annie Laurie (GB)256.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
02.07. 1989Anheuser Busch EBF Railway Stakes6Annie Laurie (GB)254.0Skl.Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
20.05. 1989Tattersalls E.B.F. Rogers Gold Cup Stakes7Secret Appeal (GB)556.0J.T. HydeLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
15.03. 1989'Sun Alliance' Novices' Hurdle Championship RaceFNaevog (GB)671.0M. BrowneLiam BrowneCheltenhamGBNational HuntGrade 14200m / 2m5f
24.09. 1988Jefferson Smurfit Memorial Irish St Leger8Naevog (GB)559.5Kevin J. ManningLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12800m / 1m6f
17.09. 1988Hennessy X.O. Killavullan (2 Y O Fillies) Stakes10Lady Charmer (GB)254.0D. ParnellLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
17.09. 1988Hennessy X.O. Killavullan (2 Y O Fillies) Stakes8Bolton Flyer (GB)254.0Skl.John ReidLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
17.09. 1988Hennessy X.O. Killavullan (2 Y O Fillies) Stakes7Lady Bye-Bye (GB)254.0Patrick V. GilsonLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 31400m / 7f
11.09. 1988Moyglare Stud Stakes8Al Shany (GB)256.0Pat EdderyLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
11.09. 1988Mount Coote Stud Matron Stakes7Hawaiian Peace (GB)457.5Christy RocheLiam BrowneLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
11.09. 1988Moyglare Stud Stakes3Heather Seeker (GB)256.0Declan GillespieLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
13.08. 1988Royal Whip Stakes7Not A Lite (GB)354.0D. ParnellLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 32000m / 1m2f
13.08. 1988Royal Whip Stakes6Red Rose Garden (GB)352.5Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 32000m / 1m2f
07.08. 1988Heinz "57" Phoenix Stakes4Heather Seeker (GB)256.0Stephen CraineLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
26.06. 1988Budweiser Irish Derby11Cuileann (GB)357.0Michael J. KinaneLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
26.06. 1988Budweiser Irish Derby10Wagon Load (GB)357.0Skl.John ReidLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
16.06. 1988Gold Cup10Naevog (GB)556.0John ReidLiam BrowneAscotGBFlatGroup 14000m / 2m4f
14.05. 1988Tattersalls Rogers Gold Cup Stakes4Secret Appeal (GB)456.0Michael HillsLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
14.05. 1988Tattersalls Rogers Gold Cup Stakes10Mr John (GB)556.0Skl.Declan GillespieLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
14.05. 1988Tattersalls Rogers Gold Cup Stakes9Hawaiian Peace (GB)455.0Christy RocheLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
14.05. 1988Airlie Coolmore Irish 2,000 Guineas12Ballygarry Prince (GB)357.0D. ParnellLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
14.05. 1988Tattersalls Rogers Gold Cup Stakes7Faraway Pastures (GB)455.0Skl.Cash AsmussenLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
04.05. 1986Prix Ganay10Ramich John (IRE)456.5Willie CarsonLiam BrowneLongchampFRFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2˝f
06.08. 1983Heinz 57 Phoenix Stakes1King Persian (IRE)257.0Michael J. KinaneLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
.. 1Dara Monarch (GB)Michael J. KinaneLiam BrowneCurraghIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m