Suchergebnis für Trainer: Richard Fahey

DatumRennenPlatzPferdAlterGewicht JockeyTrainerOrtLand KategorieDistanz
10.05. 2019Homeserve Huxley Stakes5Gabrial (IRE)1057.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
10.05. 2019Homeserve Huxley Stakes1Forest Ranger (IRE)557.5Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
29.09. 2018Juddmonte Middle Park Stakes8Space Traveller (GB)257.0Visor (1)Daniel TudhopeRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
14.07. 2018Darley July Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)12Sands Of Mali (FR)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
11.05. 2018Homeserve Huxley Stakes1Forest Ranger (IRE)457.5Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
11.05. 2018Homeserve Huxley Stakes3Gabrial (IRE)957.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
24.02. 2018Betway Winter Derby Stakes (All-Weather Championships Fast-Track Qualifier)8Gabrial (IRE)957.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
04.11. 2017Breeders' Cup Mile5Ribchester (IRE)457.0William BuickRichard FaheydiverseUSAFlatGrade 11600m / 1m
03.11. 2017Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf9Sands Of Mali (FR)255.5Flavien PratRichard FaheydiverseUSAFlatGrade 11600m / 1m
21.10. 2017Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (Sponsored By Qipco) (British Champions Mile)13Toscanini (IRE)559.0James DoyleRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
21.10. 2017Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (Sponsored By Qipco) (British Champions Mile)2Ribchester (IRE)459.0William BuickRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
14.10. 2017Darley Dewhurst Stakes6Great Prospector (IRE)257.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
01.10. 2017Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp Longines5Queen Kindly (GB)360.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
01.10. 2017Qatar Prix de la Foret8Toscanini (IRE)558.0James DoyleRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
01.10. 2017Prix de l'Opera Longines12Melesina (IRE)356.0Alexis BadelRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
30.09. 2017Juddmonte Cheveley Park Stakes5Darkanna (IRE)257.0Barry McHughRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
30.09. 2017Juddmonte Middle Park Stakes12Sands Of Mali (FR)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
10.09. 2017Qatar Prix du Moulin de Longchamp1Ribchester (IRE)458.5James DoyleRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
09.09. 201732Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)10Queen Kindly (GB)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
09.09. 201732Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)8Kimberella (GB)758.5Paul MulrennanRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
09.09. 201732Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)7Growl (GB)558.5pGraham LeeRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
09.09. 201732Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)6Mr Lupton (IRE)458.5Richard KingscoteRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
02.08. 2017Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series)5Toscanini (IRE)561.0James DoyleRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
02.08. 2017Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series)2Ribchester (IRE)461.0William BuickRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
15.07. 2017Darley July Cup Stakes (British Champions Series & Global Sprint Challenge)9Mr Lupton (IRE)460.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.07. 2017Darley July Cup Stakes (British Champions Series & Global Sprint Challenge)6Growl (GB)560.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
20.06. 2017St James's Palace Stakes (British Champions Series)5Forest Ranger (IRE)357.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
20.06. 2017Queen Anne Stakes14Toscanini (IRE)557.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
20.06. 2017Queen Anne Stakes1Ribchester (IRE)457.0William BuickRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
20.05. 2017Al Shaqab Lockinge Stakes (British Champions Series)8Toscanini (IRE)557.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewburyGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
20.05. 2017Al Shaqab Lockinge Stakes (British Champions Series)1Ribchester (IRE)457.0William BuickRichard FaheyNewburyGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.05. 2017Betfred Dante Stakes6Forest Ranger (IRE)357.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 22100m / 1m2½f
11.05. 2017sportingbet.com Huxley Stakes4Gabrial (IRE)857.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
07.05. 2017Qipco 1000 Guineas Stakes (British Champions Series)9Queen Kindly (GB)357.0Gerald MosseRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
01.05. 2017Prix du Muguet5Toscanini (IRE)557.0William BuickRichard FaheySaint-CloudFRFlatGroup 21600m / 1m
25.03. 2017Dubai Turf Sponsored By DP World3Ribchester (IRE)457.0William BuickRichard FaheyMeydanDUBFlatGroup 11777m / 1m1f
11.12. 2016LONGINES Hong Kong Sprint13Growl (GB)457.0pGraham LeeRichard FaheySha-TinHKFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.10. 2016Qipco British Champions Long Distance8Suegioo (FR)760.5pPaul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 23200m / 2m
15.10. 2016Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes13Donjuan Triumphant (IRE)357.5Alexis BadelRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.10. 2016Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (Sponsored by Qipco)2Ribchester (IRE)357.5William BuickRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
15.10. 2016Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes9Mr Lupton (IRE)357.5Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.10. 2016Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes5Don't Touch (GB)458.0Visor (1)Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.10. 2016Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance)9Gabrial (IRE)759.5Jimmy FortuneRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
15.10. 2016Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes2Growl (GB)458.0p (1)Graham LeeRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
02.10. 2016Qatar Prix de la Forêt6Birchwood (IRE)357.0James DoyleRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
24.09. 2016Connolly's Red Mills Cheveley Park Stakes4Queen Kindly (GB)257.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
03.09. 201632Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)11Donjuan Triumphant (IRE)357.5Alexis BadelRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
03.09. 201632Red Sprint Cup Stakes (British Champions Series)5Mr Lupton (IRE)357.5Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
27.07. 2016Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series)5Gabrial (IRE)761.0Jimmy FortuneRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
27.07. 2016Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series)3Ribchester (IRE)357.0James DoyleRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
09.07. 2016Darley July Cup (British Champions Series And Global Sprint Challenge)16Don't Touch (GB)460.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
09.07. 2016Darley July Cup (British Champions Series And Global Sprint Challenge)6Eastern Impact (IRE)560.0Jack GarrittyRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
17.06. 2016Commonwealth Cup9Donjuan Triumphant (IRE)358.5Silvestre De SousaRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 16f / 1200m
15.05. 2016Poule d'Essai des Poulains13Birchwood (IRE)358.0James DoyleRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
14.05. 2016Al Shaqab Lockinge Stakes (British Champions Series)6Gabrial (IRE)757.0David NolanRichard FaheyNewburyGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
05.05. 2016Betway Huxley Stakes (for the Tradesman's Cup)4Gabrial (IRE)757.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
30.04. 2016Qipco 2000 Guineas Stakes (British Champions Series)3Ribchester (IRE)357.0William BuickRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
26.03. 2016Dubai Gold Cup Sponsored By Al Tayer Motors4Suegioo (FR)757.0pPaul HanaganRichard FaheyMeydanDUBFlatGroup 33200m / 2m
26.03. 2016Dubai Turf Sponsored By DP World11Gabrial (IRE)757.0Silvestre De SousaRichard FaheyMeydanDUBFlatGroup 11777m / 1m1f
17.10. 2015Queen Elizabeth II Stakes Sponsored By Qipco (British Champions Mile)3Gabrial (IRE)659.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
17.10. 2015Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes17Eastern Impact (IRE)458.0Jack GarrittyRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
17.10. 2015Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes14Heaven's Guest (IRE)558.0James DoyleRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
13.09. 2015Goffs Vincent O'Brien National Stakes3Birchwood (IRE)258.5James DoyleRichard FaheyCurraghIREFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
05.09. 2015Betfred Sprint Cup (British Champions Series)7Eastern Impact (IRE)458.5Jack GarrittyRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
29.07. 2015Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series) (Supported By Qatar Petroleum)3Gabrial (IRE)661.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
11.07. 2015Darley July Cup (British Champions Series And Global Sprint Challenge)3Eastern Impact (IRE)460.0Jack GarrittyRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
13.05. 2015Tattersalls Musidora Stakes5La Dorotea (IRE)357.0Daniel TudhopeRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
07.05. 2015Betfair Huxley Stakes (for the Tradesman's Cup)4Gabrial (IRE)657.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
18.10. 2014Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes13Alben Star (IRE)658.0Ryan MooreRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
18.10. 2014Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes11Baccarat (IRE)558.0James DoyleRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
05.10. 2014Qatar Prix de la ForêtNRGarswood (GB)458.0Gerald MosseRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
27.09. 2014Connolly's Red Mills Cheveley Park Stakes9Zuhoor Baynoona (IRE)257.0Ryan MooreRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
12.09. 2014Socialites Electric Cigarettes Doncaster Cup (British Champions Series)12Very Good Day (FR)758.5Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 23600m / 2m2f
12.09. 2014Socialites Electric Cigarettes Doncaster Cup (British Champions Series)7Angel Gabrial (IRE)558.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 23600m / 2m2f
06.09. 2014Betfred Sprint Cup (British Champions Series)8Baccarat (IRE)558.5George BakerRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
10.08. 2014LARC Prix Maurice de Gheest1Garswood (GB)458.0Gerald MosseRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11300m / 6½f
20.06. 2014Coronation Stakes (British Champions Series)5Sandiva (IRE)357.0Lanfranco DettoriRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
16.05. 2014Sky Bet Yorkshire Cup (British Champions Series)8Glen's Diamond (GB)657.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 22800m / 1m6f
14.05. 2014Tattersalls Musidora Stakes6Latenightrequest (GB)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
08.05. 2014Betfair Price Rush Huxley Stakes (for The Tradesman's Cup)4Gabrial's Kaka (IRE)457.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
04.05. 2014Qipco 1000 Guineas Stakes (The 201st Running) (British Champions Series)9Sandiva (IRE)357.0Lanfranco DettoriRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
16.04. 2014Lanwades Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes1Sandiva (IRE)357.0Lanfranco DettoriRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
29.03. 2014Godolphin Mile Sponsored By Meydan Sobha11Gabrial (IRE)557.0Richard HughesRichard FaheyMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21800m / 1m1f (Dirt)
19.10. 2013Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes7Heaven's Guest (IRE)356.5Ryan MooreRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
12.10. 2013Vision.ae Middle Park Stakes6Supplicant (GB)257.0Ryan MooreRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
06.10. 2013Qatar Prix de la Forêt3Garswood (GB)357.0Ryan MooreRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
06.10. 2013Total Prix Marcel Boussac - Criterium des Pouliches7Sandiva (IRE)256.0Richard HughesRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
07.09. 2013Betfred Sprint Cup (British Champions Series)6Garswood (GB)357.5Ryan MooreRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
24.08. 2013Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Gimcrack Stakes3Parbold (IRE)256.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
01.08. 2013Artemis Goodwood Cup (British Champions Series)13Glen's Diamond (GB)560.5Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 23200m / 2m
01.08. 2013Audi Richmond StakesNRParbold (IRE)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
01.08. 2013Audi Richmond Stakes7Salford Red Devil (GB)257.0Jim CrowleyRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
31.07. 2013Veuve Clicquot Vintage Stakes3Parbold (IRE)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 27f / 1400m
19.06. 2013Duke of Cambridge Stakes (formerly the Windsor Forest Stakes)2Ladys First (GB)456.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 21m / 1600m
18.06. 2013Queen Anne Stakes (British Champions Series)13Gabrial (IRE)457.0pKieren FallonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.06. 2013Coventry Stakes2Parbold (IRE)257.5Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
17.05. 2013Qipco Yorkshire Cup (British Champions Series)1Glen's Diamond (GB)557.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 22800m / 1m6f
15.05. 2013Tattersalls Musidora Stakes2Romantic Settings (GB)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
09.05. 2013MBNA Chester VaseNRGabrial's Kaka (IRE)356.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m4½f / 2500m
09.05. 2013Stella Artois Huxley Stakes (for the Tradesman's Cup)3Gabrial (IRE)457.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
04.05. 2013Qipco 2000 Guineas Stakes (205th Running) (British Champions Series)7Garswood (GB)357.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
14.10. 2012E.P. Taylor Stakes6Barefoot Lady (IRE)456.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyWoodbineCANFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f
07.10. 2012Qatar Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp2Mayson (GB)462.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
15.09. 2012One Call Insurance Champagne StakesNRUnsinkable (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
08.09. 2012Betfred Sprint Cup (British Champions Series)8Majestic Myles (IRE)458.5Frederik TylickiRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
24.08. 2012Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Gimcrack Stakes6Euxton Hall (IRE)256.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
02.08. 2012Audi Richmond Stakes5Euxton Hall (IRE)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
02.08. 2012Audi Richmond Stakes4Ginger Goose (GB)257.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
01.08. 2012Qipco Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series)3Gabrial (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
14.07. 2012Darley July Cup (British Champions Series And Global Sprint Challenge)1Mayson (GB)459.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
13.07. 2012Etihad Airways Falmouth Stakes (British Champions Series)6Barefoot Lady (IRE)459.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
07.07. 2012bet365 Lancashire Oaks4Myplacelater (GB)559.5David NolanRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 21m4f / 2400m
20.06. 2012Windsor Forest Stakes4Barefoot Lady (IRE)456.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 21m / 1600m
19.06. 2012St James's Palace Stakes (British Champions Series)5Gabrial (IRE)357.0Jamie SpencerRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
02.06. 2012Investec Derby5Mickdaam (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
18.05. 2012Sportingbet Yorkshire Cup (British Champions Series)2Glen's Diamond (GB)457.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 22800m / 1m6f
10.05. 2012Betfair Huxley Stakes (For the Tradesman's Cup)5Glen's Diamond (GB)457.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
10.05. 2012MBNA Chester Vase1Mickdaam (IRE)356.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m4½f / 2500m
10.05. 2012Betfair Huxley Stakes (For the Tradesman's Cup)2Myplacelater (GB)556.0Francis NortonRichard FaheyChesterGBFlatGroup 31m2½f / 2100m
06.05. 2012Qipco 1000 Guineas Stakes7Lily's Angel (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.04. 2012Lanwades Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes3Lily's Angel (IRE)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
24.03. 2012Blue Square Winter Derby12Myplacelater (GB)556.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
24.03. 2012Blue Square Winter Derby9Our Joe Mac (IRE)557.0Visor (1)Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
24.09. 2011Jaguar Cars Cheveley Park Stakes4Miss Work Of Art (GB)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
03.09. 2011Coolmore Fusaichi Pegasus Matron Stakes4Barefoot Lady (IRE)357.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
03.09. 2011Betfred Sprint Cup13Wootton Bassett (GB)357.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
28.08. 2011141. bestwetten.de Goldene Peitsche - seit 18674Rose Blossom (GB)457.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyBaden-BadenGERFlatGruppe II1200m
27.08. 2011Whiteley Clinic Prestige Stakes6Lily's Angel (IRE)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
23.08. 2011Prix de la Nonette Shadwell5Barefoot Lady (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 32000m / 1m2f
07.08. 2011Prix Maurice de Gheest - Goldikova5Wootton Bassett (GB)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11300m / 6½f
06.08. 2011German-Thoroughbred.com Sweet Solera Stakes2Lily's Angel (IRE)256.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
30.07. 2011Markel Insurance Nassau Stakes British Champions' Series5Barefoot Lady (IRE)355.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
08.07. 2011Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Cherry Hinton Stakes9Miss Work Of Art (GB)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
17.06. 2011Coronation Stakes (British Champions' Series)3Barefoot Lady (IRE)357.0Kieren FallonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
17.06. 2011King Edward VII Stakes7Glen's Diamond (GB)356.0Jimmy FortuneRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 22400m / 1m4f
14.06. 2011King's Stand Stakes (British Champions' Series & Global Sprint Challenge)17Rose Blossom (GB)457.5Skl. (1)Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
14.06. 2011St James's Palace Stakes (British Champions' Series)7Wootton Bassett (GB)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
15.05. 2011Poule d'Essai des Poulains5Wootton Bassett (GB)358.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
11.05. 2011Tattersalls Musidora Stakes2Barefoot Lady (IRE)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
01.05. 2011Qipco 1000 Guineas5Barefoot Lady (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
13.04. 2011Lanwades Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes1Barefoot Lady (IRE)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
03.10. 2010Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere (Grand Criterium)1Wootton Bassett (GB)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
03.10. 2010Qatar Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp12Rose Blossom (GB)360.5pPaul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
02.10. 2010Tattersalls Timeform Million20Sir Reginald (GB)258.5Declan P. McDonoghRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatClass 21400m / 7f
11.09. 2010Neptune Investment Management Champagne Stakes6Waltz Darling (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
10.09. 2010Polypipe Flying Childers Stakes9Arctic Feeling (IRE)257.0Paul MulrennanRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 25f / 1000m
20.08. 2010Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes5Rose Blossom (GB)360.0Visor (1)Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
18.08. 2010Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Gimcrack Stakes5Premier Clarets (IRE)256.0Paul MulrennanRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
18.08. 2010Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Gimcrack Stakes3Sir Reginald (GB)256.0Lanfranco DettoriRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
30.07. 2010Tanqueray Richmond Stakes6Marine Commando (GB)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
28.07. 2010Veuve Clicquot Vintage Stakes5Waltz Darling (IRE)257.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 27f / 1400m
15.06. 2010Coventry Stakes10Chiswick Bey (IRE)257.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
14.05. 2010Emirates Airline Yorkshire CupNRFurmigadelagiusta (GB)656.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 22800m / 1m6f
12.05. 2010Tattersalls Musidora Stakes6Cracking Lass (IRE)356.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
10.04. 2010John Smith's Maghull Novices' ChaseFJoe Jo Star (GB)871.5Brian HughesRichard FaheyAintreeGBNational HuntGrade 13200m / 2m
11.10. 2009Premio Vittorio di Capua5Major Cadeaux (GB)557.0Olivier PeslierRichard FaheySan SiroITYFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
03.10. 2009Tattersalls Timeform Million12Gritstone (GB)258.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatClass 21400m / 7f
11.09. 2009Polypipe Flying Childers Stakes4Rose Blossom (GB)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 25f / 1000m
31.07. 2009Richmond Stakes5Ghostwing (GB)257.0Tony HamiltonRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
29.07. 2009Veuve Clicquot Vintage Stakes6She's A Character256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 27f / 1400m
16.06. 2009Coventry Stakes10Flying Statesman (USA)257.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
04.10. 2008Total Prix de la Forêt6Utmost Respect (GB)458.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
13.09. 2008Ladbrokes Sprint Cup13Knot In Wood (IRE)658.5Jamie MoriartyRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
13.09. 2008Ladbrokes Sprint Cup3Utmost Respect (GB)458.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
13.09. 2008Keepmoat Champagne Stakes5Master Noverre (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
22.08. 2008Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Gimcrack Stakes2Master Noverre (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
10.08. 2008Prix Maurice de Gheest4Utmost Respect (GB)458.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11300m / 6½f
10.08. 2008Prix de Pomone Haras d'Etreham5Anna Pavlova (GB)561.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 22500m / 1m4½f
05.07. 2008bet365 Lancashire Oaks1Anna Pavlova (GB)561.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 21m4f / 2400m
28.06. 2008Audi Pretty Polly Stakes3Anna Pavlova (GB)561.0Jamie MoriartyRichard FaheyCurraghIREFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
06.06. 2008Juddmonte Coronation Cup8Anna Pavlova (GB)556.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
27.04. 2008Prix Ganay - 40eme Anniversaire Air MauritiusNRAnna Pavlova (GB)556.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2½f
15.03. 2008betdirect.com Winter Derby (3rd Leg of The European All Weather Series)12Charlie Tokyo (IRE)557.0VisorPaul HanaganRichard FaheyLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
28.10. 2007Prix Royal-Oak Principaute de Monaco6Anna Pavlova (GB)457.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 13100m / 1m7½f
14.09. 2007GNER Doncaster Cup7Land 'n Stars (GB)757.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 23600m / 2m2f
02.08. 2007ABN Amro Goodwood Cup11Greenwich Meantime (GB)759.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 23200m / 2m
02.08. 2007ABN Amro Goodwood Cup9Land 'n Stars (GB)759.5Paul DoeRichard FaheyGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 23200m / 2m
05.05. 2007Stan James 2000 Guineas Stakes18Fishforcompliments (GB)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
09.09. 2006The Sportsman Newspaper Champagne Stakes5Fishforcompliments (GB)256.0Skl. (1)Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 21400m / 7f
02.09. 2006Betfred Sprint Cup10Philharmonic (GB)558.5Paul HanaganRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
10.09. 2005Polypipe Flying Childers Stakes8Colorus (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyDoncasterGBFlatGroup 25f / 1000m
17.08. 2005Scottish Equitable Gimcrack Stakes13Playtotheaudience (GB)256.0Kieren FallonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
01.05. 2005UltimatePoker.com 1000 Guineas Stakes11Golden Legacy (IRE)357.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
13.04. 2005Shadwell Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes6Golden Legacy (IRE)355.0Lanfranco DettoriRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
30.09. 2004Sky Bet Cheveley Park Stakes4Golden Legacy (IRE)256.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
01.04. 2004Unwins Wine Group Anniversary 4-Y-O Novices' HurdlePUHumid Climate (GB)470.0David O'MearaRichard FaheyAintreeGBNational HuntGrade 13300m / 2m½f
02.05. 2003Dahlia Stakes2Lady Bear (IRE)555.0Skl.Kevin DarleyRichard FaheyNewmarketGBFlatGroup 31m1f / 1800m
05.10. 2002Prix Dollar Fouquet's Barriere9Vintage Premium (GB)557.0Paul HanaganRichard FaheyLongchampFRFlatGroup 22000m / 1m2f
12.07. 2001Darley July Cup Showcase Race15Superior Premium (GB)759.5Seb SandersRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
21.06. 2001Cork And Orrery Stakes6Superior Premium (GB)759.0John Patrick MurtaghRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
30.07. 2000Prix de Pomone7Inforapenny (GB)353.0Yutaka TakeRichard FaheyDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 22500m / 1m4½f
16.07. 2000Kildangan Stud Irish Oaks3Inforapenny (GB)357.0Kevin J. ManningRichard FaheyCurraghIREFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
22.06. 2000Cork And Orrery Stakes1Superior Premium (GB)657.0John Patrick MurtaghRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
19.08. 1999Persimmon Homes Nunthorpe Stakes12Night Flight (GB)561.0Robert WinstonRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
08.07. 1999Darley July Cup10Superior Premium (GB)559.5tMichael RobertsRichard FaheyNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
17.06. 1999Cork And Orrery Stakes4Superior Premium (GB)557.0tRobert WinstonRichard FaheyAscotGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
05.09. 1998Stanley Leisure Sprint Cup (Class A) Showcase Race7Eastern Purple (IRE)356.5Skl.Carl Andrew LowtherRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
05.09. 1998Stanley Leisure Sprint Cup (Class A) Showcase Race5Superior Premium (GB)457.0Jimmy FortuneRichard FaheyHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
20.08. 1997Scottish Equitable Gimcrack Stakes5Eastern Purple (IRE)256.0John CarrollRichard FaheyYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
23.04. 1997Heineken Gold Cup1Noyan (GB)770.5Norman WilliamsonRichard FaheyPunchestownIRENational HuntGrade 15000m / 3m1f